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Why the knot cushion is a great seasonal update for your home

Based on traditional nautical knot designs, the knot cushion is a rising interior trend and a great way to give your décor an instant update.

Grey Knot Cushion

Our knot cushions come in a range of gorgeous colours and are lovingly handmade in Melbourne. Plump, cushy and comfortable, these cushions are based on sculptural form rather than pattern for their impact. Pile them up on a sofa or add one to a bed among a nest of other playful cushions for a great effect.

Create a graphic monotone scheme with black, grey and white knot cushions, add a playful pile of knot cushions in pastel, gelato tones of pink and blue or use powder blue and white knot cushions to give the effect of a sky full of fluffy clouds.

The tactile and playful knot cushion began when Icelandic designer Ragnheiður Ösps Sigurðardóttir was experimenting to find the best way to make legs for stuffed teddy bears. Suddenly, she had a flash of inspiration and started tying the knitted tubes she was working with into knots.

She says of her sculptural design: “I like that when you take a first look at the cushion you might not really know what it is, and perhaps that is what draws you closer. I have always been attracted to strange and unique things. I try to create unusual designs; products that are unpredictable and make people curious. As a child I was in the Scouts and I was very good at doing knots!”

The knot cushion is inspired by the Turk’s head knot, formed from interwoven strands forming a closed loop. The name comes from its resemblance to a Turkish turban. The knot is primarily used to wrap things like handles, as well as to decorate various objects and is used by Boy Scouts and Girl Guides around the globe as a neckerchief tie called a woggle.

You don’t need your Scout badge, however, to decorate with knot cushions around your home. Just choose from our gorgeous selection and place them around your home wherever they will make you smile!



Grey Knot Cushion White Knot Cushion Charcoal Knot Cushion
Grey Knot Cushion
White Knot Cushion
Charcoal Knot Cushion
Light Blue Knot Cushion Light Pink Knot Cushion
Light Blue Knot Cushion
Light Pink Knot Cushion
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African Feather Juju Hats

The Juju hat, (sometimes referred to as a Bamiléké feather headdress) is a symbol of prosperity, believed to possess the positive qualities of birds and the beauty of life.  The headdress is traditionally worn by the royal dancers during important ceremonies held by the tribal chief. The Juju had can also make an impressive wall hanging and has become very popular over the years and is often used as an eye-catching accessory for the home.

The headdress is made of natural or dyed wild bird feathers which are hand sewn onto a woven raffia base and displayed out in a huge circle. When not in use, the headdress can be easily folded and stored.

We’re now stocking the White Feather Juju Hat which is available in 3 sizes: small ($299), medium ($399) and large ($499). Shop Juju Hats here.

African JuJu Hat White