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Now stocking Moroccan Poufs

Let us introduce our latest product to Cush & Co… Moroccan Poufs

Eclectic, practical, and statement-making, Moroccan poufs seem to be appearing everywhere right now. No matter the decor, the funky, plush seats offer a fresh seating idea. We love the way they look when matched or mismatched with area rugs, furniture, and other accessories.

Much like the vibrant rugs and textiles that come out of Morocco, leather poufs, sometimes referred to as ottomans, are well-made and loaded with dazzling detail.

Poufs can act as footstools, seating, tables, or accents. As a bonus, they can easily be moved to the side of a room or under a table when not in use.

+ Hand crafted from beautiful leather.
+ Handmade versions are original pieces; no two are exactly alike
+ Available in six eye catching colours.
+ Perfect as a footrest, side table or simply to add a pop of colour.


Pink Moroccan Pouf Brown Moroccan Pouf White Moroccan Pouf
Pink Moroccan Pouf Tan Brown Moroccan Pouf White Moroccan Pouf
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How To Mix Patterns In Interior Design

Mixing patterns can be lots of fun, but also a disaster if you have no idea where to start!  Here are three main tips to consider when choosing patterns for your desired area:

  • Use patterns of multiple scales: All of the patterns you use should be of different scale — too many small, tight patterns could confuse the eye in a space.
  • Incorporate white to add negative space: White or other light neutrals allow the eye to take a breather from all that pattern goodness, and can add to the depth of a space. If you’re not into white, allow areas of open-blocked color to give the eyes a rest.
  • Use colors that complement each other: Bright pink chevron with red leopard? Maybe not. Use non-competing colors in your pattern play.