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How do I get rid of the odour coming from my Moroccan Pouf?

So you’ve received your new Moroccan Pouf but have noticed there is a distinctive smell to it?  This is because our Tan Brown Moroccan Pouf is made in Moroccan tanneries using 100% authentic goats leather.  This particular type of leather and the leather dying process can sometimes result in a distinctive smell. Most of the time this smell will disappear by the time the our Moroccan poufs reach Australia, however from time to time this is not the case. To reduce the smell, we usually recommend our clients to leave the pouf in direct sunlight for a week or two or for those looking for a quicker solution we recommend you apply some professional leather conditioner on the surface of the leather.  The chemical seeps into the pores of the leather which then removes odors and helps to bring out the sheen of the leather.

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